Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1 Year Anniversary!

Well it's been one year since Darren and I said "I DO"! Last year August 18, 2007 Darren and I made the plunge around 10 am. Everyone told us the first year would be the hardest and lets be honest we were so perfect in the beginning we didn't believe anyone, but now looking back a year later, I have to agree. I'm sure this isn't the same for everyone, but I can now understand why this saying is so popular. Taking 2 completely in love, independent, stubborn people and forcing them to live together and get along is tough. But we did it and happily! After working out the kinks and "fighting over the pants" Darren and I have a wonderful happy marriage and I wouldn't trade it for the world. He is such an amazing guy I love him to pieces! I told everyone we would wait at least a year before getting pregnant, and I guess we got close, we won't be having the baby 'till after so that counts right?!

So before I get into the pictures, and our anniversary weekend I'd like to pay tribute to the man I love and let you guys learn a little about him. Darren has so many wonderful qualities that some people might over look, but I never will. He is honest, brutally honest with everyone, if you want the REAL truth ask Darren. I love this cause I know he'd never lie to me. Actually he is a terrible liar and I think that is a wonderful quality. Sometimes Darren can put off a weird first impression (even with me when we first met.) he's different in a good way and I think people aren't sure how to take him. He is/has always been himself. No one around him can influence his opinions or views on anything. He is very independent and will not depend on anyone for anything if he can do it himself. He is always willing to serve others whether its always opening the door for me, pushing a little old ladies cart at wal mart, shoveling the walks for his dad, or volunteering for the sheriff's department. He may work with his dad, but you wouldn't know it, he works harder then anyone else and never abuses the fact that he's "the bosses son" (even though I temp him too..) Darren is the BIGGEST morning person, he loves the start to a new day, yet he'll fall asleep at any given time during the day. Especially during movies, he's so active if he stops moving he instantly falls asleep. I blame this on his father. Darren can be asleep and snoring before his head hits the pillow. (I'm not kidding its scary..) He talks in his sleep, he sleep walks, and I've even found him totally nude asleep on the living room floor! (Visitors beware..) One thing I'm always telling him is he can read and understand people without words. Lots of people don't know this about Darren, but he went to massage therapy school after high school and was really good at it. He understands how people are feeling and what they need to naturally. This talent also passes on to his horse training, I often joke and call him the horse whisperer, he can amaze anyone with his natural knowledge and ability to work with these animals. Whether it's a crazy bucking horse, race horse, old horse, young horse he has this way with them. Darren is also good at every thing, even if he's never tried it. He is naturally athlete in every way, he played football in high school and was only slowed down my injury, he can teach himself anything, piano, guitar, typing you name it he can learn it. I'll rap this up bragging a little more about him, he's funny, good at impressions, can always lighten my mood, good at cooking, romantic, strong, protective, a good listener and always there for me and his family no matter what. He knows what is important in life, family, love and good memories. Material things don't mean much to him and I love it! So here's to my wonderful husband Darren Robinson.

Well for our one year anniversary Darren had to take a load of furniture to Montana for work, so I decided to tag along and we enjoyed West Yellowstone on our trip. We left Satruday morning and stayed until Monday afternoon. This is us posing with one of the many buffalo's on the streets of west yellowstone. We did some shopping and saw the Imax movie 'Yellowstone'.

I got a bag of kettle corn and if you can see how much I enjoyed it, it's on my shirt! Ha ha.

This was my favorite buffalo cause it had horses of corse!

So we took our time getting to the hotel Saturday night thinking we had a reservation, but when we showed up to check in they couldn't find Darren's reservation! He knows he called, he even remembered the guys name that he talked to, but they were booked. Its tourist season so everything is booked! But thankfully the guy realized I was an angry pregnant wife and gave us the LAST room they keep on back up in case something like this happened. FEWW!!

Then Sunday afternoon we headed out to Bozeman where we had a real reservation to stay the night. We went to the mall, swam in the pool and went to eat. We decided to eat at Famous Dave's BBQ even though neither of us had eaten there before. It started off really good, the food was good until Darren stopped eating and said 'look!' there was an ant crawling in his food, he said he felt something crawling on his neck and when he scratched his neck the ant fell into his plate of food. OK I thought I can forgive that, one ant and it came from Darren, then a couple bites later we found another one. I'm done. So they comped our meal and we left without me being really full. Then watched Dark Knight the new bat man movie, and it didn't get over till almost mid night and guess who was hungry?! Preggers here and the only thing open out there is Wendy's of course. (I haven't eaten there since I found out I was pregnant.. its gross) So after waiting for the car infront of us for 8 mins to order we finally roll up to the speaker and she says 'sorry we're closed' we were pissed! We told her how we'd been waiting forever and she said 'well its twelve o one and we're closed'. That was it, she stopped talking to us! What a B$#*&! I was pissed!

This is Darren in West Yellowstone on our way home Monday afternoon.

The self timer conveniently broke that day on my camera so all we got is face shots together :(

But it was absolutely beautiful out there, I don't mind the beautiful drive though Montanna.

Ok here's the first 'real' belly shot.. I'm really not showing THAT much but the shirt and the wind are deceiveing I promise. Darren loves my little baby bump he sings me the Fergie song "Ladie lumps" and changes the words to "Julia's lovely baby bumps!" Ha ha he's a cutie pie.

Other then the struggle we had every meal it was a great weekend! It was nice to spend with weekend just Darren and I.


Nick & Tiffany said...

Congrats on the one year!!! I remember when I was only married a year, lol, time flies by so fast. And it's so true that the first year is the hardest, but I think it's more because it's just such a transition. Anyways. Hope all is well with you guys. :)

The Jeppsons said...

I'm glad you still had fun, even with all the food problems! I love your blog! So cute!

Jennifer (Kendall) Jeppson :)

jayna said...

That was cute Julia! I'm glad to know a little more about the guy who swept you off your feet! You are such a cute prego!

Crandall Family said...

That was a really nice tribute to your man! Happy Anniversary! What a fun trip! We have been talking about going to Yellowstone park and now I REALLY want to go! One year we went there the first of October and we had herds of buffalo going by our suburban - literally only inches away. Curtis even rolled his window down and touched one as it passed by. It was amazing!

DTanner said...

Talk about bad luck! LOL! I am glad you were able to have a great trip through all of the ups and downs. Happy Anniversary.